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Joris Voorn – Remix Album of “Nobody Knows” Feat. Kolsch, Guti, Nightmares on Wax and more…


Joris Voorn’s third studio album ‘Nobody Knows’ saw him embark on a atmospheric odyssey, departing his club comfort zone to be named Dance/Electronic album of 2014 by Billboard.
A masterpiece of indie and electronic influences, ‘Nobody Knows’ is now re-presented and remixed by an impressive array of studio talent; a dynamically diverse selection of producers and artists across many genres.
Exquisite reinterpretations ranging from Guti, Roland Klinkenberg, Christian Loeffler and Nightmares on Wax amongst many others; choices which not only represent new fusions but have now come to be a point of pride for both Joris and the label Green in propelling the LP’s core personal message even further.


1. The Monk (Kolsch Remix)
2. A House feat. A Kid (Boris Burger Remix)
3. Homeland feat. Matthew Dear (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
4. Homeland feat Matthew Dear (&ME Remix)
5. The Wild (Yagya Remix)
6. The Wild (Yagaya Stripped)

7. Sweets for Piano (Ripperton Remix)

8. Sweets for Piano (Sean Piniero Remix)
9. So Long feat. Kid A (Christian Loeffler Remix)
10. Ringo (Guti Remix)
11. Mugged (Anton Pieete Remix)
12. Mugged (Edwin Oosterwal Remix)
12. Momo (Daniel Dubb Version 1)
13. Momo (Daniel Dubb Version 2)
14. Momo (David Douglas Remix)
15. Fall (Nobody Home Remix)
16. Left (Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
17. Dust (Nightmares on Wax Remix)

Listen to the original version

22nd May – New York @ Marquee
23rd May – Los Angeles @ Exchange
24th May – Denver @ Beta
25th May – Detroit @ Movement

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