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10 Producers from 10 Countries, selected by Yolanda Be Cool

Hot on the back of their Platinum selling single ‘Sugar Man’, Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP return with a new bomb.RiU2PFyyGyt3GXHtmTM4IO2TGMOQtgEbo7y2p4G3hJs
Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP breakout single ‘We No Speak Americano’ went to #1 in 15 countries around the world. Ramble on about how that song came to define a generation of good time party people, soundtracking their lives and putting it on Youtube. Tell you that the video has literally been watched hundreds of millions of times. But that was 4 years ago right? What about now?
4 years later in a return to form called ‘Sugar Man’. A single that went platinum in Australia. 
  And they have just released ‘Soul Makossa (Money)’ –  in their trademark style, it’s catchy, with more energy than a case of Redbulls and more quirk than most outfits at Burning Man. It’s the result of two Bondi boys and their friend from Melbourne sitting down in the studio and having fun.
We asked the guys to select ten producers from 10 countries for Tilllate Magazine. Check out the video for ‘Make  A Cake’  by Claude Von Stroke below. It’s wicked!
1. AUSTRALIA‘Soul Makossa (Money)’ – Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP


2. ITALY‘Do You Mind’ - Christian Nielsen (Stefano Ritteri Remix)
‘Love this tribal groove of the Stefano Ritteri remix…And the vocals are so beautiful!!!!’ – Barfly Electronics

3. BRAZIL – ‘Wobble-dy – Dash Groove, Illusionize
‘Love this! Lot more substance than a lot of other g house coming out lately. Bass is damn good too!’ Queen Beatz

4. UNITED STATES - ‘Make  A Cake’ - Claude Von Stroke
“That moment when an inanimate inflatable frog gets more action than me!”
“Gawd I love Dis tune! Hilarious Vid!”
“This is the best music video ive ever seen.”

5. GERMANY - ‘Raider’ – Raumakustik
‘Cool track made for the mix down live. I’ll grab a copy.’ Adrian Age

6. FRANCE‘Hoes Get Down’ - High Powered Boys
This one is a few years old but still awesome.

 7. UK - ‘Reckless With Your Love’ - Azari & III  (Will Clarke Remix)
‘What a helll?!? Blow!’…’Love this’…’man, man – fuckin’ geneious’…’SO GOOD…dirty!!’…’his is fucking grizzly. safeeeeeeeeeeee!’…’Quailty’…’Kill!’….

 8. NETHERLANDS - ‘My Love’ - Mason and Moonbootica
‘love it’…’Giant!’…’awesome’…’My favorit track of this fucking year!’…

 9. SWITZERLAND  – ‘Come With Me’ – Nora En Pure
‘Bring on summer’…’gorgeous :)’…’perffffffect’…’Wait what just happened? :'(‘…’oh my word….. so in to this tune… awesome’…’insane’…

 10. CANADA - ‘Bugatti’ - Tiga
‘want to dance with devilled moves!’…’OFF MY DIAL, WOW!!!!!!’…’This is straight up horrible ..’…


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