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Introducing Night Howl


Josh Fisher, a 21 year old who resides in Las Vegas, is currently making his visions a reality by developing a business that caters to energetic crowds with electronic dance music cravings, called Nighthowl Events. His mission is to bring fresh, young talent to a 24 hour entertainment city that hasn’t been exposed to those artists yet! Luckily, I was advantageous enough to get into contact with him in the midst of his hectic life to get a better understanding of the operation of Nighthowl Events.

Being that you’re a brand new entertainment group in a very competitive city, what do you think it is about your company that is going to separate you from everyone else?
We want to make the EDM family in Las Vegas feel united through the experiences we provide. Our company focus is to be interactive with all fans. We are striving to bring new talent to Vegas that has not performed for our 18+ crowd.unnamed

What exactly is it that you do for Nighthowl Events? You’re so young, is it just you running the whole business?
My roll in Nighthowl is Artist Relations and Street Team operations. I am involved with the booking process and developing company strategy. I have three other partners in the business with varying strengths such as business development, raising capital, event management, marketing expertise, and team building.

How long has the idea of this company been in play for? Also, what made you want to commence this establishment in the first place?
The idea came about when I met my first business partner Joe at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March. We were sitting at Zeds Dead and were talking about the EDM scene in Las Vegas, this led us to the founding of Nighthowl. Both of us had a love for EDM music and Joe having experience with Las Vegas event planning along side my connections with the UNLV student base and EDM community instantly gave us the motivation to start planning when we returned home.

Congratulations on your first ever Nighthowl event! Since it was such a huge success and had a lot of positive feed back- what other exciting things do you have in store for Las Vegas?
Thanks, we were pleased with such a turnout and the vibe set by all artists involved. We plan on continuing to throw 1-2 events per month moving forward. There are talks right now that could potentially lead to something amazing for Las Vegas, although nothing is official……yet.

When searching for talent for your shows, is there anything in particular you look for when choosing an artist? What factors go into deciding who to book?
When I look for artists for our shows the first thing I think of is “have they been here?” After that step I look into what I think Vegas will like and whether the artists already have a name here. I want to bring new sounds to Vegas, the EDM world is much bigger then we have seen thus far.

What does a typical day look like for you when leading up to an event?
The day before the event I focus on confirming everything with the venue and artists. We market and build energy for the event. The day of we focus on setting up our show for an experience fans will never forget.

Do you think that having a successfully operating business only requires comprising good artists at your events? If not, what else goes into it?
No no and no. Artists definitely grab the attention of the crowd but it is just as much about the production as the artists. We didn’t create Nighthowl to just promote an artist. We strive to provide experiences for our fans. The EDM family deserves more then just an amazing set, they deserve memories to take home with them until our next event. Successfully having an in sync street team as well as utilizing each partner’s strength contributes to the success of the overall business.

What is the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve with your company? What things are you going to do to accomplish this aspiration?
The ultimate goal is to expand. If we wanted to just provide Las Vegas with the Nighthowl experience it wouldn’t be right of us. We want to explore more markets and share our love for the music with everyone. Follow us on Facebook Nighthowl Events to always stay up to date on our exciting news moving forward.

Are there any other businesses in this industry that you are influenced and inspired by? What about the company to you makes them so remarkable?
I think Inosmniac and Hard Events have played a big roll in my admiration of the industry. Through attending their events I have seen the passion that the EDM family shares and it has inspired me to provide more experiences for them. Everything about Insomanic and Hard is truly remarkable, I cannot choose one specific thing that has inspired me to create Nighthowl.

In 2 years where do you hope to see Nighthowl Events?
In 2 years we hope to have expanded to other markets as well as bringing our own festival wherever that may be. Goals are set for us at Nighthowl, it is up to us to achieve those goals.

What can someone who has never been to an event of yours expect?
A focus on production. That is what my vision was when bringing events to Vegas. We also want fans to feel involved and we will do whatever we can to encourage everyone at Nighthowl whether its artists or employees to provide that sense of involvement when enjoying a Nighthowl show.

Is there anything you would like to include or let us readers know about what is coming up for Nighthowl Events?
We are learning everyday how to create a better experience every show. We are ready to provide Las Vegas with nothing but the best and we have set a goal to make each Nighthowl show better than the last.

Words By: Nayibe Paredes & Yasmine Trinidad 


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