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BLOND:ISH got their kickstart into the music world after they claimed the World Air Guitar Championship title in Montreal in 2008. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of gigs, music releases and a never ending mission to spread love and expand consciousness through music. As members of the notorious Kompakt and Get Physical families along with a slew of other labels, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have carved out a niche thanks to their dark, sensual club music, sultry DJ sets and outrageous, fun-loving attitude.LjakzTTt382tyL2SApq-OyPoovBk5MofmtovjjCaNKE

In the beginning there was no plan, just a chance meeting at WMC in 2007 which resulted in a cosmic bond between two house music loving visionaries and the conception of one of Montreal’s midweek mangles at Cherry nightclub. Their work as promoters and DJs at the party, which was called ‘BLOND:ISH’, started a natural chain of events and it was only a matter of time before they decided it was time to transmit the hedonistic spirit of their debauched soiree to the rest of planet Earth.

In 2010 they packed up and shipped out of Canada to soak up all the energy and inspiration London had to offer. An old friend connected them to the Kompakt family and their first release with the seminal label. A slew of original productions and gigs all over the world helped to reinforce their undying love for music and demonstrated that, where words fail, BLOND:ISH’s music speaks. One of their ultimate experiences taking place at Burning Man where for the last 4 years, they could truly embrace their hippie spirit and share their ideologies with like minded people. Remixes for several high-profile artists showcased their ability to put a sly electronic BLOND:ISH spin on a myriad of styles. Electronic music legends Depeche Mode among the many recipients of their unique talents.

BLOND:ISH are now poised to embark on the next step of their mission. Taking field recordings on every trip they make, and finding inspiration during a month of downtime in Mexico, the duo have their sights set firmly on keeping that magical energy flowing, sending positive vibrations deep into the outer regions of the universe.

The girls have become an essential component in Ibiza this summer working alongside Audiofly at Flying Circus and they have also shared compiling and mixing duties on the new Flying Circus Ibiza album out now on Seamless Recordings. We spoke to the girls from Blond:ish just before this album was released…

Can you tell us a little about your latest release ‘Stolen Romance’?

Kompakt asked us to keep within their past traditions of artists creating a third ambient track for an EP. We really jumped on the opportunity as we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.. Anstascia met Audysea the singer at an afterparty in Beirut really randomly and fell in love with his voice. We’ll definitely be working with him more extensively in the very near future.. vtyHpjLL8QecpM8tG44i_Krv2B3HTyoRtuXvJgHzQdg

You have been over in Greece for a few days, where exactly were you and where did you play? How does the scene differ over there from what you are used to and would you recommend Greece to our readers?

We had a great gig at Bolivar Beach Club in Athens – there were about 2000 people raving on the beach. Then we went to Larissa City… that was awesome! We played at a smaller club but they were really into techno. Greece is beautiful and full of history and amazing people and food. It’s definitely worth many visits.

You’re just played in London at fabric. So many artists tell us that this is a special club for them – is it the same for you two?

Yeah it was really incredible first time playing in room 1 when you’re in the booth no one bothers you. It’s like your own spaceship going to planet mind-trip. You can concentrate on playing music which is what you’re there for. It’s indescribable and the sound.. wow! We love the fabric family so it’s always an honour to play there!

You have a new compilation out with Flying Circus on Seamless Recordings. This is Flying Circus’ first Ibiza album we believe – what can you tell us about this release and what can we expect from your own contribution?

We spent months digging for records for this comp…we wanted to create a journey that embodied the Ibiza experience outside of a club. Something to listen to at a pool after-party or in the car on your way to Flying Circus.. something that gets you excited and wanting more!

How did your relationship with Flying Circus come about? 

We honestly manifested it.

We hear that you’re planning to launch your own label. Is it really called :ish? What is the creative driving force behind this and when can we expect to see something on this new label? 

So it’s called :ish.. keeping it simple:ish!

You both settled in London after leaving Canada. Was London a more productive place for you to work than Montreal? 

Yes cause we had no friends…and limited amounts of money! The pressure was on!

Yet you have moved again – after some time travelling Vivie-Ann you have settled in Barcelona and Anstascia you have moved to Ibiza. What was the logic behind these moves and how does it work you girls not being in the same location? Are you happier now?YzCCSJ1gmBg58qn3qh1u6Fy8B7-_8n4gW7TQGTSNjnU

Wow you did your homework ! !!!  Honestly.. London was amazing for music and our careers…it took off there and we owe London everything. As much as London has its conveniences, we felt it was a bit in a rat race there…we needed a breath of fresh air, and more like  a 2 minute walk to a friend’s house versus a 45 minute tube ride.

We can breathe in Barcelona… it’s super convenient, the wine and food are amazing.

I feel more social again… the airport is 14 minutes away.. I mean I could go on and Anstascia has a full on garden.. that she eats super fresh from whenever she is home (2 days a week) in Ibiza…little things like this make us happy so…

Happier YESSSSS!!!!!!!!

Not being in same location is totally cool. The internet is an miraculous thing!

Does your location of choice influence the music you produce? 

Depends on the musicians we run into that we can record –

it does subconsciously of course.

Where exactly is your studio?

The studio’s in Barcelona. It’s makeshift.

Genelecs 8030A’s, Apollo twin soundcard, and an apc40 mk2..

If you weren’t artists what would you be doing today career-wise?

We would both be professional finger puppeteers.

How would you describe each other as individuals? Who is the 

driving force, who is the optimist, which one worries more than the other and so on?

Viv: I’m definitely the nerd and the one who lays down the law sometimes.. but we really take turns at this. Anstascia is the manifester

The scene in North America has exploded since you left Montreal. Have you played in Canada and in the States recently and what impressions did you have of the scale of the electronic music scene these days?CbcYZxYxjqtiKGzubpk4Flgdimh_xTBtE1GukmhfasM

Well judging by the pay rise, it has grown a lot!!!

Finally can you tell us how the name Blond:ish came about and if it’s been a good choice for you in your career as artists?

When we started working together we were promoting a night in Montreal at a club called Cherry which was our weekly residency. The party was called Blond:ish and then people just organically started to call us Blond:ish and the name stuck. It definitely made us have to prove ourselves a bit more in terms of changing peoples’ presumptions of what we’re about but when a new listener hears us play techno or whatever its usually a nice surprise…this makes it all very rewarding…so sort of a blessing in disguise :)

Thank you for your time and good luck with the new releases and your new label.

Thanks to you too!




TILLLATE MAGAZINE: The Blond:ish interview appeared in issue 319, Sept 2014:



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