Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie are Sigma and are one of the biggest modern drum & bass acts around. For years they have been pushing their own sound on labels like Viper and Hospital and have picked up props from across the board not only with DJs and dancers, but radio hosts and promoters, who have taken them to every corner of the globe.

This summer the crowd rocking pair are lining up as residents at the world famous BCM in Mallorca. a place where everything is super sized and parties go down with a big bang. Ahead of that summer ling gig, we caught up with the pair about their new tune with Labyrinth, the gigs they prefer and about why they said yes to BCM…

How are you, how has your year been so far, have you had time to relax and recharge before another busy summer?

Well we both feel really tired If I’m being honest at the moment, we have had a few long trips away on tour plus making the new album has taken quite a bit of time up. The studio time has been so important for us at the time of year before all the bigs events and start to flood in.

Tell us about the first time you played BCM? What sticks in your mind? What makes it such a great place? What do you like about it?

Probably (the main man at BCM) Gordon (Phillips) to be fair. He’s a legend out there and always puts his guests before himself. We have fond memories of the club from from going as clubbers so it will always hold a special place to us. Everything from the dance floor to the sound system all bring their own special feel to the club. It’s such a big arena and when you’re performing there too.

And what do you think the stand out feature is?

Yeah again, it has got to be the system, if you stand anywhere in the room it really does give off the same affect from the back as it does at the front.

Why did you decide to become BCM residents? What sold it for you over all the other many places you play?

Well just because we really like Gordon and the fact we like to work with people that we can get along with and trust. He has a really good thing going on there and with the future of the club, the line-ups he has built and other projects going on it was sure fit for us to be involved.

Is it easy to connect with the crowd despite the size of the place? Does that make you play a different type of record?

It doesn’t really affect us, I think we have pretty much played in every type of club you can imagine now, whether it’s more intimate or festival sized. With BCM the cool thing that even though it’s a huge club we can still relate to everyone in there because of the design.

So do you prefer the festivals and big arenas or the more intimate club gigs?

We like a bit of both really. Festivals are amazing when you get that reaction to a track coming in or a drop but the more intimate ones can be amazing too as you feel that the people have come to see you as you’re the only headliner or one of two or three so you have fans that can really relate to your music.qjozCi4WcWu6NVnWBln3FaurSIZwctidXH9cBMAEekA,FBNpxsjLVEdTQ1KN-qTbv9V5k5sCsXOHLAuCAuVl-sw,U1oMFmsbO2em3DAMX7WdE3xr_BmCzbEHTd05PU00nUs

Have you finished your new album? How different is it from the last? What inspired and influenced it?

We are getting there. We have the bulk of it done. Obviously the singles that were released last year will be on there and the latest track with Labrynth too. We are looking at adding another few tracks onto it. At a guess it’s about 80 to 90% finished ready for later this year. It’s just a case of fine tuning everything on.

Tell us about your new single with Labyrinth – how did that come about? What was it like working with him?

We had another track we were working on as a demo and it has a list of people to maybe add a vocal over the top. Labyrinth happened to be right at the top of the list and luckily we managed to meet him at the BBC awards and he really liked the progression and the track we had on offer. We didn’t actually spend time in the studio with him but we bounced ideas off like we were and he got really into it. He’s a legend for us really so it was an absolute pleasure to work with him,

Just heading back to BCM slightly, are there any tracks that you think define the club at all?

With BCM you can really get away with anything that can get the crowd rocking so its a really hard one to pick one or two as the crowds can get different every week. Any thing with a summer vibe to it will always work though, buts that just obvious.

Will you go strictly back 2 back or three records each or how will it work?

Well because of the amount of gigs we have now we often play individually. However when are together it’s back 2 back, one record on and off unless one of us is smashing it we can try and out do each other sometimes which everyone loves.

You’re also playing at Future Music Festival, that one looks to be huge, I’ve seen the line up, you must be excited?

That’s right yeah, it’s the first time we have been on the Future tour. It’s new for us which is always a good thing and to be apart of an amazing line up is always a bonus. We hear the crowds and stage set-ups are just amazing so will be good to see what’s it like first hand.

What else you got coming up and what are you excited about? Can we see you in the UK?

Yeah in the UK we are doing a live mini tour, around April time. We will be in Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, London, I think we are in Scotland too so we are really looking forward to being on home soil too.

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