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Sun Glitters is the glitchy, summer obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project of Luxembourg musician Victor Ferreira. We caught up with Victor ahead of the release of his new “Galaxy EP’ and a new Tour starting in April…

Sun Glitters has been very active over the past few years with both releases and remixes – all of them with a trademark dreamy sound and sweet, gentle vibes. Now you are back with the ‘Galaxy EP’ that is a collaboration with ex-Keep Shelly in Athens singer Sarah P. How would you describe the sound of it? Did it change after this pairing up?
Working with Sarah had proved to be very creative for both of us! I am very happy with the result of this EP. There’s still the Sun Glitters trademark plus another magical ingredient, both mixed on it! It’s always the same process of songwriting. There are just periods and feelings that change and bring a fresh ‘new thing’ to my productions. This particular EP is a kind of warm-up, as I am heavily working on my next full length that again can be very different. It depends on what will happen in the next days, weeks, months of my life!

Speaking of the pairing-up, how did this happen? 
Our manager got us in touch at first place. I was looking for a female voice and we all found that a great idea. Sarah had just left from Keep Shelly in Athens a dream pop band hailing from Athens Greece. We were both familiar with each other’s work and on top of that we like each other. We became friends. What’s better than working with nice people and become friends with them?

The whole EP has been creating an oneiric landscape, yet it stays quite grounded. What was your main inspiration?

The theme came from Sarah when she wrote to me that she was inspired by testing a space journey on Oculus Rift. A good friend of hers bought it and she got to experience this super amazing 3D wonder. It might have been just a simulation but it reminded us of how small we are (the people). We tend to forget about the little beauties of life and we don’t realise that we are smaller than ants, if you think of the whole. That’s what this EP stands for us. That was the message we tried to deliver!

It seems like Sun Glitters starts fresh. All these years, you’ve been alone, but recently you introduced Alexander Ogg as your guitarist. Is Sun Glitters a band now?
In a way yes, that’s what we are working on. We are trying to bring something fresh after I’ve been alone on stage for several years. I’m really happy as Alex is a good friend of mine and we understand each other very well. His space guitars are fitting to the whole and it all happens naturally, without much thinking. It feels as if we were together from the very start of Sun Glitters.

We hear that you’re preparing a European tour which starts in April. What are the dates that you’re looking forward to the most?
I’m always looking forward to all dates as every place is different and have its own special vibe. I am really happy to get back to  countries that I’ve played before. I cannot wait to see my old and new friends and maybe get to meet more people of the Sun Glitters community.

What is your personal favorite song of the EP and why?
That’s the kind of question that’s always hard for me to answer as I love every song I’m producing. Every release comes out just because I’m happy with the final result. It’s also very important to me that every song is different and leaves its own mark on me while it gets produced. A story or just a moment to remember. So I’m not going to mention just one song but the whole EP!

There is also this super cute lyrics video for the title track that you created it by yourself! How did you come up with the idea?
Well, it was a question of time. It was really short term but we really wanted a music video for Galaxy. Sarah came up with the idea of making a super simple, lyrics video. After the brainstorming, I got this idea of a stop motion video. I had to run through my various portfolios as I am also a graphic designer.  I stumbled upon two series I made in the past one called ‘Monsters In Real Places’ and another one done for an event at the Exit 07 called ‘Pic Electronic’ as the project was ‘Pic Them All’. All where based on drawing that I created. The female character’s name is “Blastcharm”. As I found the right actress for the video, I started messing around with pens and my iPhone. I’m really proud  that I made this video in such short time!

Would you ever see yourself collaborating with a mainstream pop artist or that’s a “no-no”?
I am really open to any collaboration as long I am feeling it, of course. But I guess that’s an experience I will never have, as I’m producing music with feelings and emotions. What I think about mainstream is that’s more of a business thing. It seems to me like a world where they analyze things like “how to catch a big audience with just a melody that will hypnotize the listener” or “what’s super easy to listen without much effort” and not caring about analyzing how the ideas were build or from where the inspiration came from. Of course that’s my point of view and I respect every other opinion. I ain’t say it’s shit, just because I don’t like it. Music for me is not a competition… Everyone has to feel, love and choose by themselves what music fits better to their image and everyday life!

Can you tell us three bands or artists that you’re currently listening to?

This is again a very complicated question! I could listen to something different everyday… I’m answering these questions and listening to a very old collaboration I made in the past as sug( r ) cane with a band called “Zero Degré” and then I suddenly switched to a My Bloody Valentine track. It’s really random, an infinite Jukebox! I would invite everyone to listen to my Mixtapes on Soundcloud and I am currently building up some playlists on Spotify as well, so feel free to join me for a listening session.

We’d love to! Finally what should we expect from Sun Glitters in the near future?

First of all I’m really looking forward to the Galaxy Tour in April. Finalising my next full length and find a good home for it is also a top priority! Last but not least, I really hope to play a lot around the world. And…



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