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Ten minutes with Aaron Snapes…


Effectively conveying one’s feelings to music is a sought after goal of the most seasoned producers. Accomplished by some and mastered by a gifted few, we should all take a moment to welcome, Aaron Snapes.

A product of London, in his early years, Aaron browsed the club scene sampling from a variety of genres. In search of the right groove, he bounced from Old School Hip-Hop, to Drum & Bass, from Trance, to Garage, until one night, feeling clarity; he experienced a resonance with House music. Through the years, nurturing this interest became a passion for Snapes and he soon found himself at the helm of his own productions, creatively painting a musical canvas while developing his loosely defined Tech House sound. Clinging to the perimeter of this genre, 2012 found Aaron in Leeds, UK, where his music garnered attention from personal inspirations like Dirty Bird front man, Claude VonStroke and House legend Derrick Carter.Aaron Wall

When asked about his talents and unique sound, the lighthearted producer shrugs with a smile, “I just want to make fun, groovy music for people to dance to.” Not taking things too serious seems to work good for Snapes as he continues to refresh listeners with his imaginative music. We chatted to Aaron for ten minutes on the phone earlier this week…

Tell us about the label you’ve just had your new release on, Perfect Driver Music. How did you get involved in that?

I’ve been involved with Perfect Driver Music since the very beginning and have been part of A&R. Matt is a great guy with a cool vision and he can definitely take the label to great heights. The label actively looks for new artists and gives them a chance to showcase their talents, which in my opinion, is something that is needed more in the industry at the moment.

Has the Dirtybird sound influenced your own?

Yes, it has. The sound is quirky, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. That ethos is what I try to bring to the studio whenever I’m writing. I’m just here to make good, fun music.

You’ve had releases both sides of the pond, do you alter your sound for the different audiences?

I’ve never actively altered my sound for a different audience. I write because I’m in it for the fun, whichever label takes the track is up to them. However, access to a global audience is so easy with the internet these days, that it doesn’t matter which side of the pond I’m releasing a track on. I just want people to have as much fun listening to it as I do writing it.

Do you prefer the West coast USA music scene or UK?Aaron B&W Wall

I am lucky to get to do what I do, I have fun wherever I am playing. It’s the music that matters most, not the location. Both areas have their perks! You can’t fault Californian weather and its summery vibes. But there’s also something special about playing to a home crowd.

What is a perfect clubbing experience for you? What kind of music and vibe do you always look out for?

I’ve always been a fan of dark underground clubs with low ceilings and oversized sound systems. But, nothing beats a long-standing night where everyone feels like family and are just vibing with the music.

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with?

Plenty! I have a wish list. Top of the list would be Justin Martin. I just want to be involved in that creative writing process with him as I find his stuff so unique. Maybe, one day it’ll happen.

Are there any future projects you are dying to get involved in?

I’ve got a stack of remixes I’m working on at the moment, so I’m looking forward to being able to start writing my album for Perfect Driver Music.




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