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Tronik Youth – ‘The Healer’

Tronik Youth will release his second single ‘The Healer’ with mixes from Emperor Machine, Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, Chris Massey, Max Jones on 18th May.Neil Parnell otherwise known as Tronik Youth is a well respected DJ and producer. Together with long time friend and label partner, Ian Considine, they are without doubt, one of the hottest labels right now.  Tronik Youth was inspired by Sonic Youth but with an electronic twist.  Neil’s cutting edge taste comes from his immense record collection, spanning Krautrock, cold wave, hip hop, 60s soul, italo disco which proved to be his real core education.  Influenced by the arts, film directors, writers and artists.  Neil also owned a record shop and worked at Back Yard Records, responsible for signing Gossip and Chromeo, helping develop Neil’s experience and ear of industry mechanics and what works on a dance floor.

The last decade has seen Tronik Youth release over 75 remixes and 25 singles, with his impressive first single of the year, ‘Splinter of The Minds Eye’ to rave reviews, and a much anticipated debut album, ‘Youth is Wasted on The Young’ on its way this Summer.  The man from Kent started his musical discovery by chance, in his teens, known for his vast record collection, friends would book him to DJ.  There was no burning ambition to make music or to become a DJ, I just fell in to it” says Parnell who lived in London for 13 years, honed in the winning formula and relocated to Canterbury.  Eccentric and unpredictable, this artist remains at the top of his form, signing the best underground talent from Europe to Nein records, releasing pure quality evident in all the Tronik Youth productions, mixes and DJ sets.

The Healer by Tronik Youth samples money crazed preachers over a chugging electronic sizzling groove. Remixes come from analogue master, Emperor Machine who stretches the original to a hypnotic breaking point, with lashings of bleeps and laser stabs. Cosmic masters Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca present a spaced out metallic vibe, with layers consistently building towards an intense crescendo.  Manchester producer Chris Massey takes the track straight to the centre of the dance floor, cranking the 303 up to 11 causing complete chaos.  Last but by no means least, Correspondant artist Max Jones, pares the track back and builds a stunning groove over a taut bassline.


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