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The Junkies celebrate their debut EP, ‘Just Can’t Try’ on Blu Music. The EP will feature both the dark, heavy-hitiing original track, as well as an up-beat, techy remix courtesy of Denver-based DJ/Producer Jaceo. For well over a decade, the Toronto born duo have been making music that packs the dance floors of clubs around the world, with their distinct bass-heavy and groove-infused techno sound. 

‘Just Can’t Try (Original Mix)”‘- starting off with a heavy, distorted and low-slung bass line, it possesses all the signature sounds of a Junkies’ track. The deep, lackadaisical bass is offset with a series of high claps, creating an instantaneously gratifying rhythm. Without any hesitation, we are hit with another low, pummelling bass note that pulls us further into the depths of this addictive track. An eerie piano progression makes its way to the forefront, as the yearning cry of a woman’s voice echoes out “I just can’t try.” Around the 4:20 mark, the track’s layers begin to peel back, leaving us with nothing but the whirlwind of a cry and build-up of white noise. Just as you are about to come to, we’re hit by the punchy bass line once more.

“Just Can’t Try (Jaceo Remix)” – Jaceo’s remix begins with high, crisp claps, giving this version a lighter, techy feel. Distorted effects build into a winding rhythm, before we are hit with a low, resounding bass note that dictates the rest of the track’s entirety. A groovy bass line carries us forward, as quirky, industrial effects are layered upon each other. The familiar voice, taken from the original track calls out to us in a muffled tone. Jaceo’s version maintains the original’s dark, ominous tone but adds an overall bounce, which gives this remix a hefty dose of groove. 


The Junkies style have continued to evolve over the years under the influence of various genres of electronic music, ranging from deep soulful house to techno and everything in between. Drawing from these has resulted in a sound of their own, both in the studio and in their DJ sets. It’s this sound that has made them a consistently present force in the Toronto club scene for over 10 years. Holding a residency at the legendary Guvernment Nightclub as well as the former Footwork (now CODA Nightclub) keeps them educating the electronic faithful on a weekly basis in the undisputed capital of electronic music in Canada. This has given The Junkies an excellent platform to showcase their music, as well as playing alongside some of the world’s most respected artists on a regular basis including the likes of Dubfire, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna and Loco Dice, to name a few.

Production and remix work have been fundamental in pushing them forward both as artists and DJ’s. The Junkies are continually pushing out releases of both original and remixed work, which has resulted in immense, global support from many of the world’s industry leaders. Attempting to the widen their horizon further, The Junkies have also launched their own label imprint, Local Music, which features music from like minded artists, while also acting as an alternate avenue to showcase their own creativity. Regular appearances on labels such as Rawthentic, Sci-Tec, Mindshake and Monique have kept the duo busy with many more exciting projects to come!

Upcoming Gigs

Friday, 12th June  – The Red Lounge, White Plains, United States
Sunday, 14th June – Avenue Beach Club, New Jersey, United States
Friday, 19th June – ExOz, Santiago, Chile
Monday, 15th August – Electric Island, Toronto Island, Toronto, Canada





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