Closer is the second single release from Michael Badal‘s forthcoming album, Now That We’re Human, set for release in April on the Black Hole Recordings label. Closer features Ellie Lawson on vocals, and comes well-equipped with three remixes from producers, DJ Zya, Dan Sieg, and Mike EFEX.

Closer exposes a sweet love story blossoming between two young lovers. The lyrics reflect ones sentiment to the other, while the composition paints an aesthetic drive that soothes and elevates.154590_10152591818051997_384046056675949516_n

Michael’s ability to appreciate the vocalist is second to none, in Closer his technical prowess works to beautify the devotion through voice and lyrics, keeping the emotion intact from start to finish. This appreciation is hard to find particularly in the trance genre today.

The original exposes smatterings of lusting atmosphere, sparkling layers, and assuaging warmth. Ellie’s vocals are softly spoken and intensify the mood evermore. The harmonies are elegantly hoisted, the percussion vivacious, and playful, and the intensive synths – soul stirring. Both Michael and Ellie’s talents work hand in hand, consequently, they deliver a highly admirable result that will grip the hearts of fans worldwide.

The remixes amalgamate a blend of genres and styles to satisfy a variety of punters. Mike EFEX concocts patted drums, hierarchical vocals, and an inventive drive. Zya offers a feisty, and thoroughly addictive electro remix that will work the younger crowds well, while Dan Sieg pushes the extremities with his down-tempo remix. The flawless arrangements and deep, easing drive makes this a stand out remix for me.SnBpH4ro38Mn-rDXRzJ__68lItYWbTmFoVz-cpljtRk



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