The Field’s (Kompakt) remix of ‘Still Breathing But Already Dead’

New single released 16th March via El Segell del Primavera 2015

Listen to original track below:

“Still Breathing But Already Dead” is a teaser from The Suicide Of Western Culture’s third album, which will come out in March and is a new step forward in the career of the duo from the outskirts of Barcelona.

With their particular fusion of experimental electronic and post rock music, “Still Breathing But Already Dead” is a hit that exhibits all the characteristics of the band: hypnotic rhythms, vocoder voices and a melody that underpins the track.

With remixes by The Field and Hugo Capablanca. The Swedish artist affiliated to the Cologne label Kompakt delivers a techno trance track with no concessions that is clearly inspired by the 90s and could have come out on Harthouse just as easily as it could have been heard on the dance floor of Cocoon in Frankfurt. Capablanca, from Burgos and living in Berlin with releases on labels such as Hivern, Gomma and Cómeme, transforms the original into an epic and mutant voyage that dives into the darkest disco and the most sinister side of the Catalan duo.



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