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Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt, the proven magical combination is back with ‘Going Home’.e8mUY1-1

After teasing us with a beautiful downtempo version of ‘Going Home’ on Cosmic Gate’s previously released ‘Start to Feel’ album, Nic and Bossi went back into the studio to successfully turn the track into a club anthem. And with Gareth Emery on the remix duties it’s always hard to go wrong. A future classic is here!

Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/GHGER_iT

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Grab your copy on Beatport: http://bit.ly/GHGER_BP


Tilllate Magazine spoke to Cosmic Gate last summer just as they were set to release ‘Start to Feel’ – here’s what was said…

‘Start to Feel’ is an absolutely superb album from trance veterans Cosmic Gate. Including the hit singles ‘Falling Back’, ‘Fair Game’ and ‘So Get Up’ this is already a favourite for our album of the year. Certainly everyone else will need to up their game to better ‘Start to Feel’ – we sat down with the guys in Vegas…

Tell us about your brilliant new album ‘Start to Feel’…

Where can we begin here…? When we started working on the first demos for it, the name and idea behind Start to Feel’ was not born at all… We’d gotten to a point though where we were a bit tired of a lot of the music that was getting played around. Tracks out there for us were often maybe too much focused on the drop and sounding pretty much the same. It became clear to us that we wanted to write music that will be a bit different. So with us being a bit tired of the current sound, but there still being a lot of great music out there that was pretty inspiring, coming for example from the deep house scene. We went to the studio and just did our own thing and just tried to write music that would touch us and make us want to dance and listen to it. We tried to be creative and let our intuition for the right sound flow, and somehow, very naturally that went down the more melodic route you’re going to find on Start to Feel’.

Some of the tracks seem to be a little more meaningful and maybe deeper than you’d expect on a dance album?

Exactly. We were also feeling that there was a lack of good, strong songs out there. Songs that are more complex, that simply do not just work over the drop. We hope our songs do have a more meaningful and deeper story to tell to the listener. Ones that will still be remembered and played years from now. Not tracks to listen to for a few weeks and then be forgotten…
Now about a year after we started writing ‘Start To Feel’ maybe is a kind of logical result or outcome of how we were feeling. It is actually reflecting our thinking and emotions perfectly… Don’t get us wrong, we do have club stompers on Start to Feel’ having big drops as well, but we hope listening to the album will shows that we approached it from a different road. Not really producing for more typical EDM DJ sets or club charts, but still writing a mainly club directed album. Music that works in clubs, but is unique, and on top also works in different environments, at home for example. One that is a bit more diverse and meaningful than many of the mass market productions out there… Our first single Falling Back’ with Eric Lumiere turned #1 on the Beatport Trance Charts, so first reactions to music from the album seem great.

What was the best moment on your recent tours?

Oh, that’s a hard one to pick. We do have a lot of great and fun moments, packed clubs, big festivals to play, cool people we are meeting, nice colleagues to hang with. Orjan Nilsen for example is always a highlight with his funny ways when we come together backstage. That is something we always look forward to!

We’ve done a co-op track with him called Fair Game for Start To Feel’, which is the next single after Falling Back’.

When you’re not living dance music, what are you doing?

With the amount of shows we play, productions, radio show, interviews, internal meetings etc. we basically have a 24/7 job, or at least that’s how it feels. Full days off are not happening often, and around album time, even less so. When we do have the time though, we do it like most other people do. Enjoy time with friends and family, nice dinner, go to the movies, watch sports, and of course try to catch up on sleep!

Do you ever get tired of each other? How do you handle disagreements in a DJ marriage?

We are working and traveling together for so many years, and are somehow like a married couple indeed. But because of this you simply know when just to take a step out when things get too much. In general we have a fantastic relationship and real disagreements actually never happen, as unusual as it may sound. The longer we work together, the stronger it gets.

Do you produce other styles of music under unknown pseudonyms?

We did a lot of side projects in recent years, but Cosmic Gate really is more than a full-time job now, that we focus on totally at them moment.

What’s the best thing a fan has told you?

Best thing actually is when a fan tells you, that one of our songs brought them into club music, which often happens with Exploration of Space’. There is maybe no bigger compliment possible for a DJ/producer, and it is making us happy and a bit proud too to have brought people into the scene with our music, influence their lives basically, always leaves us with a big wow moment still!!!

What’s the best thing about Vegas regular people don’t get to experience?

Oh, for example there’s a lot of smaller restaurants off the strip that are really good. Some small holes in the walls basically, but a very nice alternative to fancy strip restaurants. Another not so well known fact is Lake Mead. It’s the biggest man made lake in the US and only 20 min out of town. Its a great get away to rent out a boat and be on the water for a day, or there is great hiking tracks to discover, a lot of little things to do besides the regular tourist activities.




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