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Sometimes we like to try something a bit different. Often the process of creating an album can be a not-so-simple task: which tracks are the singles? Which is the “breather” track? Do we have ten songs? Have we covered all the bases? The list goes on. Sometimes the answer is to throw convention out the window and just try to harness a burst of energy and get it down on eighteen minutes-a-side of vinyl.

Nang Records  gave Sare Havlicek the following brief: lock yourself in a studio for four weeks and come up with a piece of cohesive work. Abandon the formulas, do some experimenting and (most importantly) try some things you wouldn’t normally do. ‘Movies For Lovers’ is the result of that session and encapsulates the feeling of the journey Sare embarked on to bring you this album.

Things start slow and soulful with Sare in night mode– slow rhythms fusing with primal-sounding melodies. Next up, ‘Magnetic Past’ provides some full on space-disco attitude. This one is built to damage any light-up dancefloor with its rolling groove and uplifting vibes. Following this is ‘Chaser’, a funky head-shaker of a track with 70’s Disco keyboards and basslines to rival those of Chic. We close the first side of the vinyl with ‘Paint The Town’; a loved up track driven by a melodic bass and soulful but electronically moody vocals by OD Hunte.

Flip the vinyl over for ‘Pure Sin’, a teasing, deep club excursion. Italo Disco synths with smouldering sexy groove. Next is a sneaky cover version of Alison Moyet’s ‘Nobody’s Diary’. Think 80’s anthem with Mitja’s soulful voice resulting in something infinitely funkier. The cheeky title alone ‘I Love Your Legs’ gives us a hint of the disco-sleaze expected in the penultimate number: here Sare melds funky bassline with soulful, inspiring melodies. The album closes with the atmospheric and ambient ‘Principle 122’ – an experimental dreamy cut which fits perfectly with the idea of the journey that ‘Movies For Lovers LP’ is crafted with.1655637_970791132933956_7675083966615367298_o

So who is Sare Havlicek?

Computer Disco Music with Synthesized Soul from Sare supported by Solomun, Tensnake, Groove Armada, David Bowie and more.

Sare Havlicek’s music is primal, it’s escapism, a soundtrack to your night drive along the Mediterranean coast, a space odyssey and a cosy trip to the beach at the same time.

After co-defining Slovenian techno and house sound back in the nineties that is still evolving through the work of artists such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani Sare’s sound today is Computer Disco. Launching his first ‘Star Woman’ EP into the nu disco orbit back in 2009 Sare continued with his disco installations. His debut album mastery ‘Toscana Nights’ released in 2010 was warmly received by critics, DJs and public alike. The album includes singles ‘White Russian’, ‘Dreams in Light’ and ‘Pleasure Storm’ with Ray Mang amongst others on the remix duties.

Sare also used his production skills to remix artists such as The Human League, Kraftwerk, 70’s disco hipsters Space, megastars Queen, film director John Carpenter, fathers of the new romantic movement Visage and many others. His earlier slick, analog–synth driven, 80’s grooves remixes for Space, Tesla Boy, Bottin and D-Pulse to name a few have bonded him with dance floor audience and were released in 2011 on an album of remixes ‘Nang presents: New Masters Series vol.4 – Sare Havlicek‘. Later remixes of Pete Herbert’s ‘Ivory Waves’, Phonetica vs. Soul Emotion’s ‘Impossible Love’ and his recent tracks ‘Diamondback’ and ‘Let The Sound’ are steadily gaining support from DJs.

In 2012 Sare released his second artist album ‘Escape Machine’, a direct progression from the first album’s single ‘Vibe On You’ (remixes by Ilija Rudman and Stevie Kotey) which was immediately announced as a disco bomb by blogs. The album is blending elements of disco, house and indie pop and was later in the year followed by ‘The Diamondback EP‘ – album’s second single divided into 6 music themes and according to critics arguably one of Havlicek’s finest outings to date. A funky disco affair released in May 2013 is album’s third single Insinuations And Allusions.

Sare’s DJ sets are still very much club orientated and range from boogie style nu-disco, to house, proto house and indie dance. His tracks have been featured a few times in Pete Tong’s Essential Mixes on BBC’s Radio 1, various compilations including Hed Kandi’s ‘Future Disco Sounds’ and ‘Beach House’ and supported by many artists and DJs like Solomun, Tensnake, Alexander Robotnick, The Magician, Aeroplane, Dimitri from Paris, Groove Armada, Shapeshifters, Gramophonedzie, Axwell, Mousse T, Etiene de Crecy, Pete Herbert, Faze Action, Pete gooding, Bottin, Chris Coco and others.

Unique analog approach to music production and combining old and new techniques has earned Sare some great press and magazine features. Sare’s most freshest music involvement has been coproduction and mixing the comeback album of 80’s synthpop group Visage titled ‘Hearts And Knives‘ released in May 2013 along with their albums singles ‘Shameless Fashion’ and ‘Dreamer I Know’.




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