Dulce Pájara de Juventud turn up the decibel levels with their new album ‘Triumph’ through BCore on 16th March 2015.

Wielding an array of superlatives following the release of their self titled debut album in 2013, Dulce Pájara de Juventud or Sweet Highs of Youth for the non Castelleno inclined, derived their name from the 1962 Paul Newman cult classic, ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’.

The quartet hailing from the industrial area of Barcelona (Baix Llobregat), weave an emotive path with ‘Triumph’ – nine tracks of dark, noisy, melodic pop that refuses to be categorised.

‘Triumph’ has more than just the songs, its full of mood swings and melodies that stretch out infinitely and fearlessly. It is a demanding album, growing and changing with each listen. An evocative, powerful collection that takes you right to the edge and dares you to peek over.

Lead single ‘Manatial’, is an aural wall of droning guitars and relentless drums giving way to the plaintive murmurings of singer/bassist Sarai Garrido. ‘Triumph’ has a richness in depth that surpasses its predecessor, the delightful gothic leanings of ‘Saying All Goodbyes on Fire’, the indie pop proclamations of ‘Lapidation’ through to the almost ballad like ‘Freakin’ Tales’, all topped with the immediate introduction of title track, ‘Triumph’.

Having shared the stage with fellow luminaries like Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Pony Bravo, Dulce Pájara de Juventud return to Primavera Sound this year for another assault on the senses.

‘Triumph’ is a soundtrack with no taboos, demanding and calculated, making you wonder about the limits between beauty, darkness, love and hate.





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